October 5, 2011

Abortion and cancer

‘Cancer Patients Do Not Need Abortion’ : Doctor
An Irish Doctor insists that women who develop cancer during pregnancy can be treated safely without resorting to abortion.
“The incidence of women who develop cancer while pregnant is, internationally, increasing. This is partly because more women are having their first baby in their late 30s, but also because the incidence of cancer is rising.”
Dr. Kehoe notes that, “in countries where abortion is freely available, some oncologists will refuse to treat a pregnant woman before she has had an abortion.”
Dr. Kehoe explained that performing an abortion is not medically necessary. In fact, studies have shown that those who continued their pregnancy while being treated for cancer have done as well as women who were not pregnant and those who opted for abortion. Additionally, small studies have shown that those who continued their pregnancy did better than women who underwent an abortion.
In order to insure the babies also do well, precautions are to be taken: In the case of breast cancer, chemotherapy in the first trimester and radiation in the last trimester.
Dr. Kehoe made the comment that “a long-term evaluation of 84 mothers who had received chemotherapy for cancer of the blood while pregnant in the 1970s found no evidence of congenital abnormalities or cancer in either the children or the grandchildren… The last thing a pregnant woman needs is pressure on her to have an abortion.”
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