August 22, 2012

Abortion not medically necessary

Canadian Physicians for Life: Abortions are not ‘medically necessary’
Under Canadian law, provinces fund all ‘medically necessary’ health services, although which procedures are necessary is not defined. It is left to the provinces to decide which medical services they will fund. Canadian Physicians for Life state that “It is our opinion that abortion is never medically necessary and should be defunded provincially.”
In its statement, Canadian Physicians for Life points out:
“There are infrequent cases in which pregnancy can place the physical health of a woman in jeopardy. Although induced abortion is often heralded as the sole treatment for these conditions, invariably it is not the only option. Rather, treatment of the underlying condition should be the course of action, and although it may result in the loss of the pregnancy, this situation is far different from an induced abortion which targets destruction of the fetus as its end. So even in these difficult situations, abortion should not be considered as a medical necessity, given that other treatments exist which also preserve the physical well-being of the mother. “
Rather than fund abortion, the health care system could put resources towards delivering quality care where it is needed.
To obtain the entire statement, contact Canadian Physicians for Life.

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