September 10, 2014

Abortion ‘s impact on women’s health

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  1. Nancy October 20, 2016 at 4:18 pm - Reply

    Hi, I would like more information and a way to post this message and others like it on my Facebook and other places.
    I believe our country is in a critical place with the up coming Supreme Court Justice seat open; that will be filled after this election and women are being lied to about their choice to choose. No one talks about the truth of abortion because of the shame and privacy of the matter; and I want to campaign for life and put signs on my lawn to remind people their vote for life in this election really does matter even if the candidate is not perfect. Life matters even when we can’t understand it’s value we can be tough to understand it and help many women not to believe the lie of abortion.
    Our Daughter at 17 had a baby out of wed lock, she came home and told us, it has been a journey, not easy, but so amazing and a beautiful journey this is turning out to be! The baby is two and our daughter and the dad have just been married. They are finding their way in life; Good things do come from giving life to a baby in an unexpected pregnancy. We found so many supportive people and resources . News doesn’t cover these stories, women are afraid to have their children and choose abortion by believing the lie and thinking it will rid them of a problem only to find other problems like you have posted; plus life long heart ache. Women need to hear the truth even if its not the truth they want, it is still the truth. We know so much more now, since Rough vs Wade , as your message declares, yet the message is not being told to help women. Hillary cares about toddlers but not aborted babies!!!??? How double minded is this thinking, she supports families and not an unborn life??? She is leading so many women astray for the wrong reasons with good intensions, but more for political gain rather than sincerely caring for women’s rights! It is personal and complicated, but the news is one sided, women need hope and support not the bandaid of abortion that leaves an unwanted wound for life!
    Most of our neighbors have witnessed the journey we have been on and all have found it to be an encouragement that our daughter has risen above the stereo types of teen pregnancy. Yet many of my neighbors still believed it is a woman’s choice and are missing out on the blessing and responsibility and purpose this child gives to young people. As I reminded them, those are old messages they were listening to from the first court decision not the current circumstances. they didn’t even have ultrasounds back then; these are old statistics , that there are new discoveries and advances in women’s support of giving life to their baby and they had no idea until I explained to them all we have learned from our experience. Their minds , hearts, and eyes are seeing it and they all adore our little grand daughter who could not be more friendly and loving to them all! They think she is an exception to the rule, but I have explained there are many other exceptions to the rule and many other good stories of people choosing life for their child!Just the news is not reporting it. How can we get this message of hope out??? I need help to get it out there! Can we call women to a testimonial for women’s rights to hear the truth about abortion, we have learned so much and it is their right to hear it!!!
    Our daughter was heading down a path of partying and reckless behavior like so many young people today who do not know all they are capable of; thinking life is about them and pleasure. In spite of our warnings of the cultures draw, our daughter found herself persuaded to listen to the cultures message. This pregnancy was a gracious wake up call for her to see her actions have consequences and she learned responsibility for another that has transformed her life in a way none would expect; and she rose to the occasion and so did the baby’s dad- far beyond all expectation! There is hope. There are hundreds of women who have been left to feel the pressure of no support , or been forced against their will by a parent or boyfriend even a girlfriend, who doesn’t see the value of life, to just have the abortion; is it really a women’s choice ? At least 12 other girls contacted our daughter who were experiencing similar situations and she was the only one they could talk to! Some said they regretted their abortion and was encouraged by her courage to carry and encouraged her for hr decision. Others asked her all kind of questions and were pregnant, but were to scared to have a baby and too afraid to tell their parents or give up their current plans, so they aborted their children. 2 of those 12 had their child. How many babies and young women are hurting and they can’t talk about it because there is not place they “know” about to turn to. No one knows these stories. Women would have their babies if they knew someone had their back .While a women can choose, they are many times not given all the facts and are left with the haunting reality of who that baby could have been and no one (but your sight) is showing this news! What can we do to get this message out that women have the right to choose life no matter the circumstance, and how many women are aborted before they even got to make a choice because they were not given life to do so, but aborted…. I want and desire to do something larger if we can. Thanks for listening. Where can I start, I am all ears for ideas!

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