October 23, 2019

Breast Cancer : Risks and Choices

Interview with Dr. Joel Brind from Heritage House Publishers

“Question: How can abortion ultimately cause breast cancer?

Answer: Almost all of the risk factors which are known to increase the risk of breast cancer are associated with some kind of excess exposure to the main female sex steroid hormone, estrogen. The theory on how this works in an abortion is quite simple.

The biggest surge of estrogen occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy, stimulating the growth of breast tissue. Toward the end of the pregnancy other hormones kick in that make the breast tissue mature. These hormones also remove cells that are not needed. Once the mature cells are ready to produce milk, they are no longer in growing mode. Consequently they are much less likely to be subject to the effects of carcinogens, the substances that produce cancer.

If you have an abortion during the first 32 weeks of pregnancy, you get all these growth-promoting effects on the tissues because of the big surge of estrogen. Without the differentiating and maturing effects of the later hormones, the net result is the opposite of what you will find in a full-term pregnancy. It’s known that a full term pregnancy, especially when it is early in a woman’s reproductive life, is protective against breast cancer. But an early abortion not only does not confer that protection but instead causes increased risk. Thus, the extra estrogen ultimately can cause abnormal cells to grow into full blown cancer.”

Source: Breast cancer- risks and choices: An eyewitness account. Heritage House, c2019.


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