May 29, 2014

Caring not Killing!

euthanasia flyer - 2014Euthanasia and assisted suicide are the end of all care.  Euthanasia and assisted suicide are not “medical aid in dying”  but medical killing.
In a letter to the Montreal Gazette dated April 23, 2014, Dr. Balfour Mount, the founder of palliative care in Canada and Dr. Serge Daneault, Chief, Palliative Care Service, Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal, highlight the dangers of Bill 52. The Québec government’s Bill 52 would legalize euthanasia in the province. They write:
“It is impossible to legalize euthanasia without putting vulnerable patients at risk, as the experience in Belgium and other countries shows clearly. Bill 52, with or without the amendments, goes even farther than the Belgian law; it defines medical homicide as health care and requires that it be available to all patients who meet the exceedingly broad criteria set out in the bill.

The public, which seems to be clamouring for so-called death with dignity , is largely unaware that what is being proposed to them is a homicidal act and that skilled palliative care and wise management of end of life decisions are sufficient to address the fears leading to their request.”
Canadians need improved access to quality palliative care not medical killing.

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