It's time for the facts to be known... Myth: Abortion is basically a private matter. Fact: Not really. Abortion involves more than a woman and her doctor. Even more directly and intimately involved is a

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- that, in the absence of Canadian Law, abortion is permitted during all nine months of pregnancy. This includes surgical and suction dilation and curettage, saline, prostaglandin and ‘other' methods. - that 25.6% of

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Induced abortion statistics in Canada for 2019

The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) reported 83,576 abortions in Canada for the year 2019. However, the true number is likely much higher since the statistics are incomplete. Consider that CIHI reports 27,911

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Induced abortion statistics in Canada for 2018

  The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) reported 85,195 induced abortions for 2018. Hospitals accounted for 26,498 abortions and 58,697 abortions were performed in a clinic setting. CIHI reported 94,030 abortions for 2017.

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Abortion’s Impact on Women and the Family

Abortion’s impact on women and the family   A report on research dealing with the psychological and relational effects of abortion on women was conducted by the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada. The

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Who is protected?

Abortion kills a human being Certain animal species receive protection under the law in Canada.  Yet at the same time, there exists a complete absence of protection for the unborn child.  Animals are treated

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