Think about adoption

If a child is unwanted by his biological parents, there are many couples willing to adopt and love that child. Being wanted or unwanted has no bearing on a human being's right to life.

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Adoption is a loving choice

Life Canada reports that "less than 2% of single Canadian women with unplanned pregnancies choose adoption. 38% abort. 60% become single parents.

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Adoption: Celebrate Beautiful Possibility

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. We would like to share with you a beautiful website by the Radiance Foundation. There are six heartwarming videos for you to watch on the site as

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Adoption : A loving option

November being Adoption Awareness Month, Life Canada (as does Action Life) seeks to educate on adoption.  We share with you Life Canada's latest press release: Adoption: A Positive, Loving Choice   For Immediate Release

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Adoption, a loving option

November is National Adoption Awareness month. If you are pregnant and considering adoption, visit the website to find out more about adoption today.

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