December 2, 2011

Royal Society of Canada recommends legalizing assisted suicide and euthanasia.

No surprise here! It was expected that the Royal Society of Canada would pronounce itself in favour of euthanasia and assisted suicide since five of the six panel members were known euthanasia supporters.
This Royal Society of Canada ‘expert’ panel was established in 2009 to look at end of life care in Canada. Their report was released November 15th.
They see no evidence of a slippery slope in countries where assisted sucide and euthanasia are legal. Yet studies and reports from Holland and Belgium contradict the Royal Society of Canada’s  panel’s findings. Both in Holland and Belgium, there exists ample evidence that patients have been euthanized without their consent.
Safeguards in Holland and Belgium have failed to protect patients from being killed by euthanasia without their consent or request.
It is not the right to die that is being proposed. it is the right to kill.

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